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Grimly amusing (in a pathetic sort of way): Attempt to Impress Undermined (The Onion)

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Interesting article about contemporary anarchism and its adherents. (Washington Post)


New virus erases your hard drive -- and then dials 911. Presumably some l33t hax0r d00d's idea of a k3wl prank...


Britain's Princess Anne condemns living alone as 'selfish':

``It could be more convenient just to live all by yourself but it means that you don't understand the impact of your life on other people's lives, and how you depend on other people all the time. It's no good.''

Wait until overpopulation kicks in; then the selfish bleeders who live alone will really cop it.

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Will George W. Bush save Microsoft? (The Register)


Warning: Evil Computer Hackers have the power to make your computer explode. (WWN)


Corporate Internet daftness: Having missed out on acquiring the domain, the British Airports Authority is attempting to sue the owner, a site for "sheep and woolly resources". (BBC News)


Oxford scientists find unique DNA corresponding to surnames:

Professor Sykes used samples from 61 volunteers who shared his surname to establish a link between the name and the distinctive DNA. He has found similar results for three other names, but thinks the link may not hold for the most common surnames like Jones and Smith.
Half of the group shared four unique sections of DNA which were not found in control subjects either in Yorkshire or anywhere in the UK.
The name Sykes means a boundary stream and is a common landscape feature in Yorkshire, suggesting a number of people could have adopted it in the 13th and 14th centuries, when inherited surnames became common.


Johnny Cash, original gangsta: (via RobotWisdom)

After analysing a handful of Cash nuggets, Tarantino says, "I've often wondered if gangsta rappers know how little separates their tales of ghetto thug life from Johnny Cash's tales of backwoods thug life. I don't know, but what I do know, is Johnny Cash knows."