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It looks like High Fidelity, the (supposedly quite well done) cinematic Americanisation of Nick Hornby's record-shop-trainspotter novel, won't be showing in Australia until mid-August. And Air-scored black comedy The Virgin Suicides will only open in early August.


A fascinating piece on David Bridie, looking in depth at his recent solo album, as well as Not Drowning, Waving and My Friend The Chocolate Cake. Don't miss... (The Age)

"The Ghan railway from Port Augusta to Alice Springs," he explains, "was almost entirely built by Muslims from Afghanistan, with camels. I was standing there, in the desert near Maree, looking around, thinking of the Islams and their camels and thinking about who else was there, and what was going on late last century in the desert - the strange Europeans on the run and the Aborigines who had already suffered. This is in the heart of redneck white Australia. It's a strange meeting place. Still is. Australia is a strange meeting place. Strange things happen. That's really what I wanted to say."
But now Bridie feels he has come full circle. He says Act of Free Choice could quite easily be a Not Drowning, Waving record, albeit a decade on. At the very least it's a "logical progression" from his earlier outfit's work.

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Some enterprising (and more than usually creative) Hollywood film-makers decided to produce a film titled Who Wants To Be A Movie Star, with all cast and crew roles being auctioned to volunteers. However, the Californian labour commission wasn't having a bar of that. (BBC News)


India's space agency wants to send a mission to the moon by 2005; though whether or not a realistic moon mission in this time frame would yield any tangible results. (via Slashdot)

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