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If Survival Research Labs did music, they'd probably be something like this. (via Slashdot)

(Now someone should make a mechanical drum machine, preferably powered by internal combustion or something equally grungy.)

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Life imitates Douglas Adams: Soon we may have teller machines with Genuine People Personalities(TM). (via Graham)


A Maccie pours cold water on Open Source (and, in doing so, makes a few good points).


Schoolyard card collecting fads have taken a new turn in London, where Pokémon and football cards have fallen out of fashion, and the new big thing is prostitutes' calling cards. These cards are the ones left in public phone booths, advertising sexual services, often with explicit images and text. As one can imagine, parents, teachers and authorities are none too pleased. (Sorry, no link available.)

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Dr. Fragonard, eat your heart out: Through the modern scientific miracle of plastination, it is now possible to make sculptures out of cadavers. (via Found)


Why am I getting hits in my referrer log from JenniCam?


These days it's so hard to please anyone, part 2. Sometimes even giving up drugs and philandering is not enough to save your marriage, as John Lennon manqué Liam Gallagher has found out. Gallagher, frontman of lager-lout Mod-revivalist outfit Oasis, has officially split from his wife, former pop starlet and alleged actress Patsy Kensit. Aside from that, he may have patched things up with his brother, so we may well be hearing more of Oasis when in earshot of bad radio stations in years to come.


One of the better online text-to-speech demos, from AT&T. (Note: onerous restrictions apply to length and access frequency.)


SNAFU in the Infowar Age: Trying to counteract Serbian computer viruses, NATO scientists created and accidentally released a virus which steals and leaks classified documents. This virus was responsible for sending a classified NATO document to a London publishing house, and has since resurfaced in the Czech ministry of defense. (Sunday Times)

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Web-site lock-ins: they're not just for porn sites anymore; with the likes of and preventing surfers from leaving their site, the practice has hit the mainstream. The backlash should be interesting to see, unless the present generation of mouse-potatoes is too docile and/or apathetic to do anything about it.