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Fear of a daft planet: An lawyer was blocked from joining an African-American community website because their censorware didn't like her surname. An official of has defended the censorware and refused to make an exception for Ms. Babcock.


Proof that Windows fonts are not the real thing. Now there's no excuse to speak of Arial and Helvetica interchangeably. (via Found)


Showing that the goth->raver metamorphosis can go both ways, The Powerpuff Girls go goth, with the help of a Brazilian artist.


Cafés in Melbourne are reporting a decline in business, as the GST makes eating out significantly more expensive than eating at home. Or could this be another sign of the coming of the stay-at-home century?


I'm Wayne Kerr, and if there's one thing I hate...* it's homies who play their ghetto blasters on public transport. I was catching a train this evening and had the misfortune to share a carriage with a posse of such miscreants. About four of them were seated at the front of the carriage, attired in tracksuits, with a flip case full of CDs and a loud portable stereo, putting on CD after CD, debating amongst themselves what to play next.

But the crowning horror was what they were treating their fellow commuters to. It was not underground gangsta rap, as one might reasonably respect of a crew of tracksuited badasses; nor was it some major-label manufactured rap, as a bunch of suburban poseurs could get away with being into. It was boy-band R&B.

Perhaps that's some kind of peacock-tail phenomenon of conspicuously flaunting one's badness, as in "I'm such a mackdaddy that I can play utter crap and no-one will fuck with me". Or perhaps it's a mutant form of vandalism; the sonic equivalent of kicking out windows and tearing up seats.

* with apologies to the Doug Anthony Allstars.

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