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Who could possibly identify with some of the bland, insipid "love ballads" that end up on supermarket piped music systems? My guess would be that the only person such songs could hold deep meaning for would be a retarded teenager with a crush on the lady who takes care of him. Either that or they were written and recorded specifically for supermarkets, as part of some psychological manipulation technique.

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And now, a quote to commemorate the imminent opening of the Civil Disobedience Olympics here in Melbourne:

The MAGNATE waits upon the pavement
For his enormous limousine
And ponders further child enslavement
And other projects still more mean.
  -- Edward Gorey


I went to the Record Collectors' Fair in Essendon today; I didn't buy much there, though I did manage to pick up a copy of the 4AD compilation Lonely Is An Eyesore, a find with which I am quite pleased. Other acquisitions include a copy of Morrissey's Kill Uncle (for $5; not a bad deal), and an album by Ride (on briefly listening to it, it probably won't become a favourite of mine, but is an interesting historical document about what the Creation label was like in the early 90s, before they nearly went balls-up, Sony bought them out and they started releasing shite like Oasis).