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I spent several hours today at the Brunswick St. parade, marking the opening of the Fringe Festival. Anyway, my report about the whole thing is at Notes from the Fringe, a special blog run by Grouse to cover the Fringe Festival.


One thing I noticed that was wrong with the McLympics: the announcers' accents. Didn't you find it disconcerting to hear an Australian accent doing the announcements over all the choreographed R&B ballads (immaculately polished, slickly manufactured mass-market versions of Afro-American pop music styles; how very Australian) at the closing ceremony? Next time Australia hosts the McGames, the announcers should use American accents, to give that authentic big entertainment feel, and show that our local subsidiaries of multinationals can do things as well as the big boys in Los Angeles.


Penguinhead stuff #2: Run for your lives, it's a Visual Basic clone for KDE!


Penguinhead stuff: An interesting Slashdot thread comparing the four upcoming journaling filesystems for Linux, and mentioning an intriguing dark horse (tux2, a "phase tree" filesystem, whatever that is).

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