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Those communists of pop Chumbawamba have released a track in MP3 format, sampling outspoken anti-Napster acts such as Metallica and Eminem. Meanwhile, manufactured celtic-pop group the Corrs are lobbying for more draconian laws against MP3s and file sharing to protect industry profit margins.



More VST instruments you can shake a stick at. Though their images and some of their links seem to be broken.

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Residents of Lewisham, a suburb of London, claim to have sighted a feral kangaroo around the area. In one case, the kangaroo is alleged to have kicked a pet dog. The authorities have yet been unable to catch the errant marsupial. (I wonder whether it is an actual kangaroo (that's a large beastie capable of disembowelling a man with its fearsome claws), or rather a wallaby (a smaller cousin of the kangaroo).)

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Mother Very Easily Made A Jam Sandwich Using No Peanuts, Mayonnaise or Glue: Astronomers have discovered another planet in the solar system. The new planet is about 1/4 the size of Pluto, and between it and Neptune. It has been dubbed EB173, or sometimes "plutino".


According to British scientists, curries can be physically addictive, as they stimulate the senses more than traditional British foods.


It's grim up north: Looks like the Indonesians are at it again; not content to rest on their laurels, they have been abducting Timorese children with the intention of using them as slave labour and/or indoctrinating them to act as agents of influence in the state.


Someone has setup a blog devoted entirely to disturbing search requests received by the contributors' web sites. Your one-stop place for deadpan commentary about odd referer log entries like "nude fundraising blokes", "chitty chitty bang bang mind control", "clear urine and dogs", as well as the usual porn-related searches.