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Another list of amusing search engine referrals; who on Earth would be searching for "bestiality on geese", "rent a feces" or "how to become insane"? (via Leviathan)


Rabid Penguinheads post a Windows email virus which prints a pro-Linux message. Or is it an anti-Linux black-op by Darth Bill's forces? (via Slashdot, of course)

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I Am Not A Redneck: Graham: I agree with your comments about AIDS wholeheartedly; though the style of the Day Without Weblogs was something I found altogether irritating. I'm no enemy of activism, but in-your-face militancy, which disrupts the ability of innocent third parties (i.e., blog readers who have no significant input into AIDS funding) is rather aggressive and unlikely to win too many adherents; it's sort of like militant pro-lifers shoving graphic anti-abortion images into the faces of passersby.

And there is a difference between boycotting evil companies such as Nestlé and shutting off your weblog for a day. Firstly, the former hurts the wrongdoers' profit margins directly (by a small amount, granted, though if enough people do it it adds up), whereas all the latter does is annoy people who are not Part Of The Problem (except in the most dogmatic Marxist/Maoist interpretation). And secondly, by buying Nestlé products, one is actively funding genocidal profiteers; by keeping one's weblog going on December 1, one is not causing any more AIDS deaths nor detracting from funding.

Has my lefty-cred(TM) gone out the window now? Guess what; I don't give a tuppenny stuff.


Well, duh! The World Trade Organisation, much reviled by the dreadlocked-Marxist set, has warned that multinational mergers pose a threat of creating huge, unaccountable monopolies which can dominate economies with impunity.