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Mysteries revealed: The after-image of a graffito on a wall in Northcote: "Cabbage is not really a vegetable at all."


European Internet carrier KPNQwest recently called for bids for backbone routers, asking in the request whether vendors supported a number of standards, including RFC2549. Several vendors obviously had no idea what the standards cited were, and said that they would support them all, even RFC2549 -- "IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service", a standard for transmitting Internet traffic by carrier pigeons and other birds. Networking giant Cisco said, appropriately, that their equipment would support RFC2549 "only on April 1".


In the wake of the election fiasco, The Guardian asks the question: why is the US so divided?

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When faced with the dilemma of what to do with the two young lads who bludgeoned a toddler to death (just because he was there, or perhaps because they had never bludgeoned a toddler to death before and wanted to know what it felt like) at the age of 10, the British government has turned to an age-old solution: ship them off to the colonies.

The British government would fund the operation, arranging new names, paying travel expenses, start up accommodation costs and provide a Home Office-appointed counsellor to oversee their rehabilitation. They would be under constant supervision. Their parents would be offered the chance to join them overseas, at their own cost.

The Australian and New Zealand governments have not been informed of this, and don't seem too keen on the plan. Though if spiriting them in without telling the local governments is not an option, a word with John "I but saw her passing by" Howard should teach the recalcitrant Aussies some proper deference to the Mother Country.


The light that burns twice as bright... Do married people live longer, or does it just feel that way?


Real-life mad scientists: The parents of an autistic boy are suing the estate of a neuropsychiatrist, claiming that he attempted to erase their son's brain with drugs and hypnosis. Dr. Donald Dudley, who died in October, allegedly intended to "train an army of killers"; his unorthodox techniques included telling a chronic fatigue patient to train in martial arts and the use of guns for his cause (presumably a form of occupational therapy?); he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and sometimes claimed to be from another planet and one of the 100 secret rulers of the earth. (from Psychoceramics)

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Not much else to report, other than that I seem to have caught a case of the flu (or some similar condition), and am presently feeling like death warmed over.