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Darwin awards in the making? Pumped up on TV pro wrestling, heavy metal music and adolescent hormones, teenage wrestling fans across America are staging their own matches, beating each other senseless with bodyslams and barbed wire just like their costumed heroes on TV, only without the extensive training required to do so safely. Unsurprisingly, serious injuries are common, and it is common for participants to leave the ring covered in their own blood. Could this be a spontaneous Fight Club-style solution to the lack of legitimate outlets for violent impulses?

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In London's Oxford Street shopping precinct, Westminster City Council is planning setting up a fast pedestrian lane, and fining dawdlers who hold up traffic. Perhaps an idea whose time has come; one thing the Newtonmas shopping brings home is how irritating it is to be stuck behind human walls of slow-moving pedestrians, dawdling along at a slovenly pace, oblivious to the fact that those behind them may actually be wanting to go somewhere, rather than out for a leisurely stroll in the crowd. (link taken from Rebecca's Pocket)


This Friday, humanity came this >< close to being wiped out by a killer asteroid. Well, in astronomical terms, anyway.


What do you get when you cross Craig Shergold and Monica Lewinsky? The Claire Swire meme-virus has made another leap; there are now porn spams claiming to have pictures of the hapless woman (though naming her as "Claire Swires"; probably a "Greg Shergold"-style mutation). (No, I don't have the URL; anyway, SpamCop says that it has already been nuked, but that probably won't stop more from trying this trick.) Anyway, it looks like this meme is in the ideosphere for good; if your name even looks or sounds like "Claire Swire", you should probably change it, and forget about ever changing it back.