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It seems that rumours of Napster's imminent death have been greatly exaggerated. The virtual crime wave is still going strong, with scummy alternateen student types robbing poor defenseless multinational recording companies into the poor house. Napster is starting to block songs by title (wonder if their algorithm recognises Pig Latin, as John Safran suggested on 3RRR this morning), but they will only block 5,600 titles at the start. So, while you'll have to pay for the new Britney/Eminem duet, chances are you will still be able to shamelessly steal long out-of-print titles like, say, Slowdive B-sides (© Sony) and 80s synthpop rarities and other obscure stuff. Until the courts get sick of Napster's insolence and send police to confiscate their server farm, that is.