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A cold snap in Hades? As George W. Bush apoints a hardline moralist to the Drug Czar post and cracks down on college scholarships for convicted pot smokers, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) have apparently been toking the loco weed a bit too much, and as such are claiming that marijuana will be legalised, in the U.S., no less, in the not-too-distant future.

I think it's more likely that C. sativa will be extinct before it is legalised; the U.S. government is aggressively funding research into biological agents for ridding the world of this evil plant species once and for all. Mind you, given that chocolate and THC are in some way related, don't be too surprised if such a zealous virus ends up ridding the world of chocolate as well. Oh well, a small price to pay for victory against evil.


I picked up Beth Orton's Central Reservation today, after hearing another track from it on 3RRR. So far, it has some good moments, and manages to avoid the blandness that affects too much other singer-songwriter guitar-folk by having some quite pleasing musical arrangements rather than just the obligatory chord-strumming.


To find out what it's like to be fat in public, London-based reporter Angela Bottolph spent a week in a fat suit, and noted down how people reacted to her differently when she was twice her normal size:

Sunday: I go to Waitrose and buy the healthy-ish food I usually buy. I'm becoming incredibly self-conscious around food in public. I'm too embarrassed to buy Pringles, and I'm dithering by the ice-cream when I realise the entire aisle is looking at me as if I'm an alcoholic on the rampage in an off-licence. I half expect someone to take my basket away and say, 'I think you've had enough already...'

(from Unknown News)

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