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Note to visitors: Despite the rumour, this is not the Sisters of Mercy or Marilyn Manson or Limp Bizkit or whatever MP3 site. You'll find none of that kind of thing here.


I watched a video of Delicatessen tonight; it's a beautifully crafted film; the visuals, the cinematography, the sound, and some of the surreal and bizarre concepts work very well together.


Imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever: SDMI researchers silenced by DMCA, withdraw paper from conference. There you have it; a research paper is classified as a criminal tool and banned outright. (The paper is mirrored; I'd tell you where, but doing so is probably illegal under Australia's WIPO laws .)

copyfight freedom of speech sdmi 0

Doovy; the final contributor list for FourPlay's upcoming remix album is out, and it looks like a beauty; with some world-class contributors on the bill. (Oh yes, and my contribution will be there as well; don't let that put you off though.) I heard previews of some of the mixes when Peter came to Melbourne, and they're pretty impressive, in various experimental electronic ways.