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Far and Wide just played two tracks from the upcoming New Order album. Interesting; one wasn't too bad, but another just sounded like boring guitar-rock.


Penguinheads, take note: Borland's Kylix development environment for Linux is now available for free , but only for developing GPLed software. Which is a nice gesture on Borland's part, giving something back to the free software community and all. (you probably saw this on Slashdot already)

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Some good news from the 4AD record label. (1) they've now signed Piano Magic (previously on a small label named Rocket Girl), which means they may get more exposure (as they should; they're pretty impressive, in an understated sort of way); (2) Neil Halstead (of Slowdive/Mojave 3) is working on a solo album, which is nearing completion, and is said to include "analogue synths, strings and layers of guitars", which should be interesting. (I must confess I never got into Mojave 3; they were a bit too Country & Western for my liking, though Slowdive are one of my All-Time Favourite Long-Defunct Bands.) And finally, there will be a Dead Can Dance box set.