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US Roundup: And now, the latest news from the World's Leading Nation: Firstly, it comes out that George W. Bush's successful missile defense test was a fake, with the target missile being rigged with a GPS beacon for the "kill vehicle" to lock onto. Now if we could persuade Saddam to make GPS beacons standard equipment, then everything would be fine and dandy, but failing that, the test is a sham. Meanwhile, ancient superstition has triumphed over scientific progress with the House of Representatives voting to ban stem cell research, on Scriptural grounds. And the White House's reproductive health policy, surprisingly enough, will divert funds from those subversive pinko feminists in the family-planning movement towards an abstinence-based strategy, closely tied to evangelical Christian groups.

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Details of the new disposable single-use mobile phones, soon to be leaching carcinogens into your groundwater.


A number of well-known actors and comedians are boycotting the Perrier Comedy Awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, because the sponsor is linked with genocidal scumbags Nestlé, of third-world baby milk infamy. (I wonder how much pressure will be required before Nestlé clean up their act; they've been killing third-world infants since the early 80s at least, and show no sign of doing anything other than the odd spin/disinformation campaign.)

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I just found in my SpamCop holding tray a spam, allegedly from a Miami-based group calling itself the American Coalition for Israel, claiming that the TV news is full of anti-Israeli propaganda (mostly the product of left-wing reporters and self-hating Jews in the media and a "dislike of Judeo-Christian religious values amongst liberal/left journalists", they say), and imploring me to send them $24.95 for a video tape proving why this is so, or to email them if I wish to be removed from their mailing list. I wonder if it's a genuine group of zealots who don't realise that spam pisses more people off than it could possibly convince, or a disinformation campaign from some Palestinian infowar cell, seeking to discredit right-wing pro-Israeli groups?