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Today is a day without music; first of all, my stereo at home is off being repaired (the speakers started cutting out erratically); secondly, when I arrived at work, I found that the PC on my desk, which contained my cache of MP3s, was missing. The technicians had replaced a seemingly dodgy CD-ROM drive yesterday, at my request, only to find that there were deeper problems, and the motherboard was probably cactus. They say I'll have a PC tomorrow.

I am typing this on my PowerBook at work; the one with two tinny notebook speakers (that don't do bass, full stop), no MP3s to speak of and a CD-ROM drive that has devoured one CD so far. At home, my options would probably involve using my Mac as a CD player.


The Seven Habits of Sensitive, Celibate Men. Pretty much the "nice guys finish last/chicks dig jerks" argument, which you've probably seen/heard before.

  • Habit One: I'll be her friend first
  • Habit Two: I'd better go slow
  • Habit Three: Sleeping in the same bed will make us closer
  • Habit Four: I don't care, what do you want?
  • Habit Five: I'll win her heart with flowers and a poem
  • Habit Six: I better apologize
  • Habit Seven: Women don't make passes at men who wear glasses

I'd put on a Morrissey album right now, only the computer with my MP3s on it is being repaired... (via Plastic)