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I'd have to agree with Graham's assertion, as conveyed to us by Meg, that Peril Underground Records should be renamed Devil's Arse. For one, it's down a stairway off a grotty alley, and secondly, it's full of 15-year-old Marilyn Manson/NIN/Rammstein fans, trying to look eeeevil in their black T-shirts and corpsepaint covering their acne-scarred skin. (I believe they have an entire wall devoted to Trent Reznor-related products; and they once even had a petition of protest to a newspaper who gave a Marilyn Manson album a bad review.) They used to sell interesting electronic/experimental music, before the goth kiddies invaded and the management decided that catering to their adolescent angst tantrums was more profitable.


Make your own joke: Michael Jackson to open the day's trading at the Nasdaq, the battered high-tech stock exchange.

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