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Spare the rod, spoil the child: Were the West's Taliban soldiers and attempted suicide bombers the products of liberal parenting? Or just, as Tyler Durden put it, the middle children of history?


A SMH piece at The Australian governments' attempt to censor the Internet, and the uniquely Australian wowserism that it stems from:

No-one censors quite like us. The general rule in Australia is that each new communications technology as it comes along - especially cable television and video games - is allowed to operate only on condition that it sticks to material suitable for children.
Essentially, Canberra does not see that the Internet in Australia has much of a future as a forum for adults.


A Wall Street Journal reporter in Afghanistan found a computer used by Al Qaeda leaders, and containing numerous files, ranging from memos on chemical weapons development to complaints about incompetent operatives, from a letter to an opposition leader whom they assassinated to video files of the WTC attack overdubbed with mocking chants and prayers. (via