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Was one of the actors in a recently acclaimed Iranian film about oppression in Afghanistan a fugitive assassin, wanted for murdering an Iranian dissident in 1980? US officials insist that he is.

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Here are the ten worst corporations of 2001. The usual suspects (Philip Morris, ExxonMobil, Wal-Mart) make an appearance. It seems to be somewhat US-centric though; some of the firms don't operate outside of America, and some noted overseas companies (Nestlé for example) don't appear. (via Follow Me Here)


Does adolescence now extend into the 30s, or is that just something that powerful lobbies want us to think?

Both Hall and Erikson assumed that once you achieved maturity, you left home. Thus the end of adolescence came to mean getting a job, leaving home and having a family, and its endpoint fluctuated not because of any biological changes -- boys and girls still reach physical maturity, on average, at about age 18 -- but for reasons of the economy and social custom.

(Perhaps they need a term for the stage between adolescence, with its biological changes, and "high adulthood" or "mortgaged breederdom" or whatever one calls it.)


Law and order in the Digital Millennium: Swedish police doctored freelance video footage of demonstrations to fake evidence -- and now face copyright infringement claims, for using the amateur correspondents' footage without permission.


An interesting article about David Lynch's Blue Velvet, now considered a modern classic, though decried on its release 15 years ago. Blue Velvet is being rereleased; meanwhile, Lynch's newie, Mulholland Drive will soon appear in cinemas (there was a trailer for it before Lord of the Rings; it looks somewhat like Lost Highway in mood and tone).