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Surprise, surprise: A Boeing 767 refitted in the US to serve as China's presidential aircraft has been found to be full of listening devices. Extremely sophisticated ones, too, that can be triggered from satellites.


Apparently, Saudi Arabia has tired of its onerous role as the premier defender of truth, justice and the American way in the Arab world, and told the US to bugger off. Given that the House of Saud is essentially paying protection money to extremist zealots (of a similar stripe to Saudi native son Osama bin Laden), US bases in the country have become a liability to the beleaguered dictatorship.

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This looks potentially scary: AOL Time Warner to buy RedHat? For one there's what happened to Nyetscape; and the question of whether an AOL-owned RedHat's priorities would not be drastically different. (One possibility is RedHat dropping support for the Linux kernel, and replacing it with a proprietary, DRM-centric kernel, perhaps based on SCO UnixWare, transforming RedHat's Linux into an unhackable SSSCA-compliant appliance OS.)


Thanks to Cos and his ultra-doovy digital camera, some pictures from Friday night's Ninetynine gig. (I'd have linked to it yesterday, but the server was down.)