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US citizens, now is your last chance to comment on the Microsoft settlement and why it's a bad idea.


3RRR just played the long version of The KLF's America: What Time Is Love?. That's not the neat acid-house/trance version you're probably familiar with, but nine minutes or so, with an intro, grinding guitars (apparently a Motörhead sample) and a middle bit which goes into Wagnerian operatic territory. Very cool. Now if only I could find a MP3 of it somewhere.


Scientists at the improbably named Kinky University in Osaka, Japan, have created pigs with spinach DNA, in order to create pork that's healthier to eat. Can square meal farm animals be too far off?


A two-bedroom terrace house at 77 Barton Street, in Macclesfield, near Manchester, is up for sale. The house, listed as "ideal for first-time home buyers" is on the market for £64,950. It is also the house where Ian Curtis, frontman of Joy Division, committed suicide in 1980. (via Lukelog)

(It's funny, because a friend of mine lived just around the corner from there at the time. He says it's a nice area.)


The High Court in Britain has found PlayStation "mod-chips" illegal, in a ruling which has far-reaching implications. One of the implications is that importing out-of-region DVDs and playing them at home is now illegal.