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Tonight, I went to the Czech Club to see some bands: The Grey Daturas, Sir and The Bird Blobs. The Grey Daturas were a sort of wall-of-noise outfit, playing one very lengthy instrumental piece with lots of feedback, flanging, delays and such, and some drums kicking in towards the middle; a little What Is Music?, or perhaps like Mogwai only not quite so melodic. Sir were good as always, though played with a reduced lineup (as bass-player Matt Bailey was in Tasmania). The Bird Blobs were sort of drone-rock, like a post-Nirvana Joy Division or something.

Most impressive was the synchronicity between the bands and the movies being projected behind them, which was mostly accident. Sir played in front of Buñuel and Dali's Un chien andalou and Jean Cocteau's Le Sang d'un Poète playing behind them, which was most appropriate for their music; they should play more soundtracks to old silent films of fraught relationships and troubled lives.

Oh yes, and the beer wasn't too bad either. I had a bottle of a Czech lager named Kozel, which was quite flavoursome. I also was going to try another beer called Radegast, but they didn't have any. (I wonder whether Tolkien ripped off the name for one of his wizards, or vice versa.)

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