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I've been looking around AudioGalaxy (with the Linux client) and it's brilliant. For instance, I just found out that there's a lot of Field Mice stuff listed, including long-deleted vinyl-only gems (songs like Humblebee, Song 6 and so on); not to mention live Slowdive tracks (albeit some let down by dodgy MP3 codecs), Lush rarities and even some Paradise Motel (other than their cover of Drive, that is). The range is much wider than on KaZaA, which is mostly widely available things. Which is good if you're a teenage mook wanting to pirate the latest rap-metal hit, but not so good if you're a dedicated trainspotter looking for obscure old singles and mixes.

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According to this, I am scheduled to die on Saturday February 26, 2067, aged 93. Which makes me feel a bit better about having passed the big two-eight. Actually, it's more precise, saying that I'll snuff it at 10:16:23 AM of that fateful day. Which, given my sleeping patterns, means I'll die in my sleep; could be worse. (Though how it got that time without knowing what hour I was born on, or which time zone for that matter, is a bit dubious.) (via Gimbo)


Cyberspace: The multiplayer online game EverQuest has spawned an economy almost as big as Russia's, through players buying and selling game items on eBay.