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Useful: Identifont, a web-based tool for identifying fonts by answering questions. (via Meg)

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Were I one of the Gashlycrumb Tinies, I'd be Basil. Though assaulted by hyperactive kittens whilst trying to sleep is probably more like it. And you? (via Lukelog.)


I went to the Cinema Nova to see Intimacy tonight; I had been meaning to see it for a while, and as its season appears to be tapering off I thought I'd better catch it soon. It was interesting; quite sexually explicit though not in the least bit glamorous (it almost looked as if they made the actors up to look less sexy than in real life; Kerry Fox looked about 10 years older than her actual age). The soundtrack was quite well done (triphoppy bits in street scenes, and a 1990s David Bowie number closing the film quite fittingly). And whilst it was set in London, in English, and based on stories by Hanif Kureishi, it had a rather French style about it (funny, that). In some ways, it was a bit like Une Liaison Pornographique, only more bleak and existential. (Hmm; may be time to track down the book.)


The Sydney Morning Herald was giving away DVDs of the Tropfest competitors, with a coupon in today's edition. Unfortunately, the offer was open only to residents of NSW and ACT. AFAIK, there is no way for Melburnians to get a copy, short of bribing someone in Sydney; even though a Victorian filmmaker looks likely to win the grand prize.

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Taking the term Britneyblog more literally than most. (via reenhead)


First Melody Maker went tits-up, then NME turned into Smash Hits and now Rolling Stone's 50 Best Album Covers of All Time features modern-day classics by artists of the calibre of N'Sync and Blink-182, essentials in every well-rounded record collection. Mind you, that's just the provocative side; then there are the safe choices (old Beatles and Elvis covers, and the token '70s soul, punk and gangsta rap to show that the owner of the collection is hip and with-it; basically respectable MOR predictability that doesn't go out on a limb). (via if.then.else)

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