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Every home should have a ram's head snuff mull on wheels, don't you agree? (via the Horn again)


Speaking of corporations using copyright lawsuits to crush all who defy them, the EFF and a number of US law schools have opened; a site for documenting incidents of legalistic intimidation; everything from Paramount shutting down Star Trek fan sites to the Republicans trying to use trademark law to shut down a critical website named EnronOwnsTheGOP to DMCA-related reverse-engineering lawsuits. Welcome to the Digital Millennium.


Those copyright fascists at Disney are at it again; from McCarthyism to the SSSCA, they've never been far from the repressive authoritarianism du jour. And now, they're buying up the rights to Hong Kong films, editing them (from simple censorship to actively changing the story with dubbing and editing) and completely bastardising the filmmaker's original vision in the process, releasing their edited versions in Western markets, and then suing anybody who deigns to violate Disney's copyrights by making the originals available. Nice; next time Disney's flacks talk about the need for more draconian copyright laws to "protect artists", keep this in mind. (via the Horn)


Fact of the day: the wasabi you get with your sushi isn't. (via FmH)


Now it's autumn; summer is officially over, the days are slowly getting shorter, and the year is getting into full swing. Soon daylight saving time will end and not long after then it will start getting dark at 5pm (something that's hard to imagine in summer; even now it seems unreal).

For some reason, I don't mind winter all that much, though. It getting dark in the afternoon is perhaps a bit irksome, but it's better than sweltering in 40 degree heat; and there's something bracing about the cold, crisp air. Oddly enough, I find the onset of summer to be a bit depressing, in a "bloody hell, there goes another year" kind of way. Which probably comes partly from having a birthday within a week of new year's day.


The latest trend in low-tech music performance: cassette jockeying. Like turntablism only more retro, and without the godlike stature and bootywhang of superstar DJs. Heh; it reminds me of a live act I saw in between acts at the Empress; it was a guy who called himself Son of Icewoman and played hand-spliced tape loops on various old reel-to-reel tape recorders attached to a mixer. Not quite block-rocking beats; more like experimental noise textures.

I wonder whether anyone has tried using the magnetic strips on Metcards or similar cards for recording music; given a sufficiently dismantled tape recorder (or perhaps just a read head wired up to an amplifier), one could swipe the card back and forth, scratching up a loop (or, more probably, a fragment of a loop). (via