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Japanese T-shirt of the day, from the very amusing Wonder if there's any way to get them in Australia. (via bOING bOING)

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Social engineering: A sneaky way to find out a friend's secrets with the use of a fake web survey. Though in this case, "secrets" is limited to sexual history and fantasies, so this is probably more of interest to excitable adolescents or fans of teen gross-out comedies. (via bOING bOING)

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Shit. It looks like the EU is about to legislate for mandatory DRM technology in all digital devices. Wonder if they follow through when they realise that it is impossible to add copy-denial to an open-source OS, and that mandating DRM technologies will restrict the use of open-source (read: non-Microsoft) operating systems, essentially enforcing an expensive dependency on a foreign software monopoly.


Tonight I went to Pony to see Stuart from Boyracer/555 Recordings' solo act, Steward. He rocked. Most of the set featured backing tracks off a CD, but nonetheless, the live performance was inspiring. He started off by playing these toy drumsticks (you know, the ones with the speaker box on the belt which makes electronic drum sounds when you shake them) over a track, then went on to play guitar over a few others. Towards the middle of the show he went walkabout in the audience with a QuickShot toy four-track tape deck and a microphone, and at the end, he used one of those dashboard toys which makes ray-gun/explosion sounds to get weird sounds out of his guitar. The entire performance was done with an inspiring amount of spirit and energy; it made me want to pick up my guitar and start doing weird things to it.

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