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Did Christopher Marlowe write Shakespeare's plays, having used the mediocre actor and landowner Shakespeare as a frontman after having faked his murder with the help of his handlers in the Royal Secret Service? A new documentary presents evidence which seems, on the surface, quite compelling.


A BBC announcer may be prosecuted for blasphemous libel after reading out a poem about a centurion's homoerotic lust for Jesus. The author of the poem already was sentenced to nine months with hard labour for blasphemy upon its publication in 1976; the sentence was suspended. Britain's blasphemy laws, which apply only to blasphemy against Christianity, were introduced in the seven teenth century, when ques-tioning the existence of the state religion was akin to treason. They have remained unamended ever since.


Please think of the kittens. (via Reenhead)


A catalogue of "big" landmarks in Australia, or a homage to the Australian tradition of making cyclopean replicas of random objects and putting them in various country towns to attract tourists or the easily amused.

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