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What is it about the Evelyn Hotel that attracts wankers with egos the size of a small principality? The Punters never was like this.


Is J.R.R. Tolkien responsible for computer culture, and in particular its' hypermasculine, binary nature? MIT professor Sherry Turkle thinks so. Does she have a point, or is this another version of the postmodernist argument about science being the rape of nature, logic being an oppressive patriarchial cultural construct and the like? (via Plastic)


Recently declassified top-secret files have revealed that renowned Australian microbiologist and Nobel laureate Sir Macfarlane Burnet urged the Australian government to develop biological weapons to depopulate Asia, in case the swarthy nogooders decide to invade us.

The minutes of a meeting at Melbourne's Victoria Barracks in 1948 noted that Sir Macfarlane "was of the opinion that if Australia undertakes work in this field it should be on the tropical offensive side rather than the defensive. There was very little known about biological attack on tropical crops."

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