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A rant from the US on why your politics suck if you're a liberal, conservative or libertarian. Now does anybody want to do an Australian version? (Graham?) (via Plastic)


A study in the UK has shown that most people under 25 are more dextrous in their thumbs than their index fingers; an adaptation for pushing buttons on mobile phones, remote controls and GameBoys. (This is not a mutation, as the article calls it, though, unless you ascribe to the Lamarckian model of evolution.)


An interesting page on the history and chemistry of absinthe. Apparently many of the so-called absinthes which are now legally obtainable contain little or no thujone (the active ingredient), and are basically nothing more than extremely expensive alcohol containing green food dye. (via bOING bOING)

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The Americas' answer to "THIS IS A HEAVY PRODUCT" seems to be the somewhat more kooky so-called Toynbee Tiles, which assert a nexus between the English historian and Stanley Kubrick, and call for the resurrecting of the dead on Jupiter. (via


A tutorial on how to draw those nifty Aqua-style icons, as seen in MacOS X. It assumes Photoshop, though it shouldn't be too hard to adapt to the GIMP.