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An article from The Age about Stereolab, who are touring this week.

"We are sometimes asked to re-record French songs in translation, usually for commercial reasons; day-time radio won't play anything foreign. But we really can't see the point. It's ridiculous - most English pop songs don't make much sense anyway.

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As of today, I've been on the Internet (after a fashion) for 10 years. 10 years ago, on the 25th of March, 1992, I got my first account on yoyo, a student-run shared UNIX machine at Monash. Back then it was (a) the only game in town (Windows-based PC mail clients and POP accounts didn't exist, and nor did the Web, so everyone thus inclined telnetted to this shared UNIX box and used pine/nn/nethack/whatever), and (b) a DECstation 2100 with 8Mb of RAM (i.e., roughly equivalent to a Sony PlayStation 1 in CPU architecture/performance), and as such (c) slow as hell, especially at peak times. Ten years later, after a succession of accounts on institutional and friends' machines, I arrived here.


Blah. I seem to have caught the flu or something, and I'm feeling like death warmed over; no more blogging (or much else) from me tonight. Hopefully I'll feel well enough to see Stereolab/Ninetynine on Friday though.


The kitten/domo-kun thing explained. And it evolved out of a mutation of too.


James Lileks eviscerates Mike Moore, the multi-millionnaire self-styled anti-corporate class warrior. And this piece makes Moore look like a buffoonish poseur, and not the noble champion of the New Scum he paints himself as. (via Reenhead)