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Distributing the preceding 2-line BASIC program for profit or reputation gain will be a federal felony in the US, punishable by up to five years in prison, if the CBDTPA becomes law, as the program fails to prevent any copyrighted works entered from being illegally copied. Seriously. (ta, Toby)


"Don't confuse fans with pirates." Roger Ebert blasts Universal's copy-protected CDs, comparing them to the failed "DivX" DVD variant.


Financial connections between US Republican Party, Islamic fundamentalist groups. Is it merely a heartwarming example of religious hardliners of two stripes putting their differences aside to wage jihad together against liberalism and secularism (and what is the Reagan/Bush/Bennett Culture War if not a textbook jihad?), or something more sinister?


CodeWeavers, who wrote the CrossOver web browser plug-in for Linux (which allows Windows plug-ins to run under Linux) have now released a system for running MS Office on Linux. Which is technically a fairly impressive feat; equally impressively, all the code has been contributed back to WINE, the LGPLed Windows emulation system for Linux; which means that, after all these years, WINE may be becoming more than a technical curiosity. (It's certainly better than things like Lindows, as (a) it isn't based on a customised, dumbed-down Linux distribution, and (b) the code is going back to the community.) (via Slashdot)

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Remember the unofficial Björk remix site, hosting all those fan-made remixes of the Ickle One's songs? Well, apparently now they're in need of a new place to host their site. If you've got a server and/or some bandwidth to spare, and would like the gratitude of countless Björk fans and bedroom remixers, you may want to have a word with them.


Extreme Thrift: A big compedium of tips for saving money. Some of these are sound ecological ideas (such as running "grey water" from showers to the toilet, or composting toilet paper tubes), and others are a bit more out-there (such as going to strangers' funerals for the free food, or serving weak coffee in a dark cup to make it seem stronger). (via Plastic)

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The Grauniad on the CBDTPA: Limit copying and we may end up copying the USSR.