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More on high-school slang post-9/11, from a rather sarcastic website in Russia; also from them, 911 things to hate about America, from foreign policy to "Hot, blonde Mormon girls refuse to put out". I suspect this guy has a bee in his bonnet.. (via The Fix) "

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Women are the new blokes, it seems. A recent survey in the UK has revealed that today's young professional women enjoy pornography, visiting lap-dancing clubs. The question remains whether this is a result of a relaxation of traditional gender roles, subconscious pressure on women to behave more like the boys to fit in in a unisex society, or a combination of both?


This evening I went to see Theatre In Decay's production of Screaming in America, an original play about subversive comedian Bill Hicks and his posthumous fame. It was good, with good use of video segments (including a quite clever representation of Internet chatrooms), and fairly interesting (presenting scenes from Hicks' life and the effect he had on his fans, and raising questions about the man vs. the message); and you get the feeling that Rob Reid enjoyed stepping into the role and ranting. This play had the hallmarks of this being a Theatre In Decay play (sets assembled of junk, TVs tuned to static and angry, dysfunctional relationships were all in evidence, as was a disjointed, vaguely anarchic style that characterises their productions). Anyway, it's playing throughout the comedy festival, and is worth a look.


An opinion piece on Why Dance Music Will Never Go Mainstream. (via Reenhead)


Scare meme of the day: Laughter can trigger asthma attacks; what doctors are calling "mirth-triggered asthma" is more common than attacks triggered by exercise or smog. So if you suffer from asthma, you may do well to avoid amusing situations.


Terrorism in the news: This April 1st, two radio DJs in Kansas read out a warning to the public about their water being contaminated with a dangerous substance called "dihydrogen monoxide". Now state water officials are saying that the hoax was equivalent to a terrorist attack. I guess that such jokes are now soooo September 10. (via Found)