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I'm in a somewhat morbid mood tonight, so.. Big Death, Little Death. (via Reenhead)


The Democrats' image-conscious leader Buffy Stott Despoja to marry PR man. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

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That's more like it: Melbourne's public transport system to be unified, with a common name and signage moving to reverse the fragmentation imposed when it was cut up and privatised. Which should go some way to dispel the "beggars can't be choosers" image of public transport as a shabby, inadequate welfare scheme for the carless poor. Now if they actually put some money into it and built some much-needed rail lines in the car-dependent outer suburbs...

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The emergence of the gay gangsta rap subculture, a gay subsubculture of one of the most homophobic subcultures. I wonder how much of it is continuous with mainstream gangsta hip-hop and how much is an appropriation of the semiotics of such, sort of like the gay urban cowboy thing or bogan-themed club nights in Prahran. And are there any openly gay rappers yet (and not in house music or such either)? (via


Hmmm... perhaps I should have called my Curve remix the Binary Presets mix... oh well, too late now...


Subterfugue, a system for intercepting and altering system calls from untrusted Linux binaries, scriptable in Python. Get it before it's banned under the SSSCA. (via NtK)

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David Brin on the five memes that shaped the planet on a deeper level: feudalism, machismo, paranoia, "the East" and neophilia (which Brin terms the Dogma of Otherness). (via the Horn)

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This is nifty: Historical Atlas of the 20th Century, with lots of informative diagrams. And the most overrated and underrated events of the 20th century. (via the Horn)