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I finally got around to seeing Mulholland Drive tonight. It was very Lynchian; a bit like Lost Highway, only with more of an illusion of coherence (i.e., at the end, it looks like the plot fit together, until you think about it and realise that it didn't). There are, as you can imagine, many slow, dimly lit tracking shots, eccentric characters, quirky props and surreal, dreamlike sequences, not to mention eerie music and sound in the background (courtesy of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti). I may have to see it again sometime.


Woke up this morning to hear 3RRR playing a rather odd song; a vaguely klezmerish eastern-European-sounding number about cannibalism. Apparently it's by an outfit called the Black Sea Gentlemen who are playing next week in Johnston St. May have to check them out.