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Tonight I went to see The Dancing Bear at the Comedy Festival. It was quite amusing; mostly consisting of Dan Lee recounting anecdotes of youthful misadventures (such as the time he threw a McDonalds drink out the car window at a traffic cop and had to pretend to be mentally ill to get away with it) and numerous other digressions, mostly accompanied by facial expressions and such. Though unlike some monologues I've heard (one other Melbourne spoken-word artist at last year's Fringe comes to mind), Dan Lee was actually quite engaging. Anyway, it's on for the final time tomorrow night (Monday) at 8.30pm, at Bar Open.


Metablogging: Lev seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. His blog hasn't been updated for some 3 weeks. I passed by his shop yesterday, and found it closed, with letters (addressed to his various aliases and pseudonyms) piling up under the door. I wonder what happened to him. Has he become the casualty of a vicious eBay-related turf war? Has the law finally caught up with him? Or is he simply lying low, hiding from an angry husband or father?