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"Henry Raddick" has written 239 Amazon book (and other item) reviews, all bristling with his own brand of sardonic wit.

"Sudden Strangers : The Story of a Gay Son and His Father"
A well-written book with a movingly told story which I initially bought just to leave lying around the house. My son Jonathan (who's straight) may think he's won the pierced nose battle, but I will win the mind-games war on the issue.
"Telemania Smiley Face Phone"
It's a bright and shiny phone, there's no doubting that, but stare at it long enough, waiting for her to call, and that smile turns into a mocking grimace.

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Trainspotters and indie kids beware: anoraks are bad for you. (via Found)

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Our Friends in the Middle East: A government cleric in that bulwark of moderate liberalism, Saudi Arabia, has called for the enslaving of Jewish women during a pro-Palestinian telethon. Shaikh Saad Al-Buraik, who has close ties to the Saudi royal family, also called for holy war against Jews and Christians and affirmed that his hatred of America would collapse the universe if contained within it. (via Charlie's Diary)