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According to AOL Time Warner, fast-forwarding through TV ads is theft. Wonder how long until the doctrine of "attention rights" is enshrined in law, with criminal penalties for circumvention. (via Plastic)


Blogging has been a tad sparse lately, but here's something to think about: are we primates with memes, or colonies of memes infesting the brains of primates?


I'm dreaming of the Queen: The Pet Shop Boys sing about Eminem, and a (fictional) young gay fan's one-night stand with the shock rapper. (via Reenhead)


The world is going to hell; aggressive, violent macho hawks are in charge like not for a long time, and there's no escape; everyone gets the bad karma, one way or another.

No one is preaching peace. No one striving for genuine camaraderie or balance or compromise. And too few of us seem willing to believe that 9/11 has mutated into a brutish hollow excuse for the Bush administration to perpetuate a war for oil and to proclaim new enemies and to chip away at the Constitution and your civil liberties in the name of increased federal control and fewer dissenting voices.

(via Graham)

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