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A NYTimes article on the bootleg remix subculture, mentioning the KLF, Negativland, Plunderphonics, the sampling aesthetic of hip-hop culture and the scene's obsessions with Eminem and Missy Elliott.


From the ancient world to Enron, one thing is clear: destroying information is harder than you think.

A letter from Jane Welsh Carlyle concludes, "Pray read all this unto yourself and burn the letter." A scholar has added this gloss: "Such an injunction is one of the surest methods of guaranteeing that a letter will not be burned."
Fragments of the works of Sappho have come down to us because someone in antiquity, wanting to get rid of papyrus copies of Sappho's poetry, threw them into the trash in the Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchus, where archaeologists found them. Certain works by Archimedes have survived only because his words were scraped off by medieval scribes; the scribes re-used the parchment for a sacred book, whose sanctity ensured its survival into an age when a different kind of eyes could tease out the underlying original. The mosaics of Hagia Sofia, in Istanbul, were inadvertently spared degradation when the Ottoman Turks covered them with plaster. The early Christian writer Irenaeus spent a lifetime denouncing heretical books; many of the books were lost (burned), and yet the ideas survived through extensive quotation in his own fiery writing.

The ultimate weapon against ideas is indifference, not opposition; with "repressive tolerance", or the capacity of a laissez-faire society to bury ideas by not reacting to them. (via Techdirt)

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Time Cube "Truth" is HOAX!!!! Time Pyramid is the true Nature of the 3-Dimensional Universe of Reality. (via Psychoceramics)


Protecting Our Children: Alarmed that perverts may be getting off on pictures of children which are not technically pornographic, a US congressman has introduced a bill banning all pictures of children not used to sell a product.

The text of CMEPA says that anyone who "displays" or "offers" to sell the image of a minor under 17 years old -- "without a purpose of marketing a product or service other than an image of a child" -- would be fined and imprisoned for up to 10 years.

Of course, if creeps and deviants start paying a lot of attention to ads featuring children, and hopefully buying lots of products, that Helps The Economy, and is thus a Greater Good.