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After the 11th of September, the much-scorned, unelected pretender to the throne George W. Bush became one of the most popular presidents in US history. Now, his astronomical popularity rating is taking a battering, in the wake of corporate fraud scandals. Time to invade Iraq or Cuba?

<PARANOIA> (Not that the powers behind the throne stand much chance of being ousted any time soon. With all the creepy Gestapo-like agencies being established to "fight terrorism", and being given sweeping powers exceeding those of Hoover's FBI, any political opponent or opposition movement could be shot down before they became a threat. Chances are, whoever seized power in the US will stay in power for the foreseeable future. Bush, however, could probably be ditched without much loss. They could even have him assassinated by "anarchists" to justify a clampdown on dissident groups, if it proves expedient.) </PARANOIA>


It's funny how, lying in bed and being stared at by a cat, sometimes the cat's eyes look like the eyes in one of those old paintings of Jesus Christ, beholding you with what appears like infinite patience and compassion.

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THIS IS A HEAVY PRODUCT: Some witty Londoner has printed stickers modifying Tube maps, adding imaginary details such as chasms (marked with "Mind the Gap") and alien spaceships to otherwise featureless Tube lines. (via 1.0)

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As the hardline government of the United States redoubles its' crusade against the evil of marijuana, medical marijuana users are seeking asylum in Canada. (While some US states have ruled medical marijuana to be legal, the federal government is zealously prosecuting all involved in its provision. And with all those FBI agents assigned to the War On Drugs and son-of-COINTELPRO, makes you wonder who's actually doing something about boring old-fashioned crimes like murder and robbery.)

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In live music news, Ninetynine have completed recording, mixing and mastering their new album. It'll be titled The Process and should be out in 3-4 weeks.

(I dragged myself along, doped up on pseudoephedrine, to see them tonight. They put on an intense show; more so than you'd expect from a group of people who had been up for 48 hours putting the finishing touches on an album. And they're playing in about 2 weeks' time at the Rob Roy.)

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