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Representing the people (who matter): The British government has drawn criticism from environmental groups for its choice of delegates to the Earth Summit. The British delegation includes senior company bosses from companies with records of pollution and human rights violations, including Rio Tinto and Anglo-American. It was also reported on 3RRR this morning that Britain had originally banned its environment minister from the summit for being too independent of Tony Blair's official line, but relented after criticism.


Alba the glowing rabbit, genetically engineered at the commission of conceptual artist Eduardo Kac, is dead. Though there is some dispute over just how brightly the rabbit really glowed.

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I finally got around to seeing Waking Life last night. It was quite interesting; it started off as a number of animated people talking about reality, free will, identity and the like, but evolved beyond that, going into lucid dreaming and false awakenings, and even the question of what happens after death. And the visuals were quite effective; the film was animated (apparently drawn over video footage), and the animation varied in styles quite effectively. I'll probably have to see it again (perhaps when it comes out on DVD).

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Apparently Glaswegian post-rockers Mogwai are coming to Melbourne in October. They're playing a set at alternateen rock fest Livid. I wonder if they're doing a solo gig as well; I don't really fancy paying some huge sum of money to see a short set by them and get a bunch of extreme-sports demos and skate-metal shows as a bonus.

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