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Oho, the Democrats may split in two. Buffy may be gone, but her allies hold the reigns and are cracking down on their opponents in the party, which may encourage their opponents (moderate reformers, including Aden Ridgeway) to leave and form their own party. And if this happens, the Democrats will cease to be a parliamentary party (having fewer than 5 members in parliament), but the splitting group (assuming that Meg Lees joins them) will gain party status.

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Some excerpts from a manual for WW2 kamikaze pilots, translated recently from the Japanese:

At the very moment of impact: do your best. Every deity and the spirits of your dead comrades are watching you intently. Just before the collision it is essential that you do not shut your eyes for a moment so as not to miss the target. Many have crashed into the targets with wide-open eyes. They will tell you what fun they had.

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