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Web Designer Builds Home out of Flash; hits the nail right on the head.

Conventional home builders aren't concerned just yet that they will become obsolete. "I see a fundamental usability issue with Flash homes," relates Greg Watson of J & G Builders. "For example, from home to home there will be design differences. In one house if you turn the door knob it'll open the door, but in another the house might start dancing."

(via Gimbo)

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This afternoon, I found a copy of you-know-what in PolyEster. On first listen, it's every bit as good as I hoped it would be, and captures their sound and vitality remarkably well. The packaging is also quite classy. I'll probably write up a full review for RAN soon.

I'll shut up about them now, before this turns into some kind of indie britneyblog.


I just downloaded the Python/Linux client for SoulSeek. It's pretty doovy, and quite a decent replacement for AudioGalaxy. One nice thing about it is how many specialist genre fan communities there are on it; rather than just the usual Limp Bizkit/Britney Spears crud that clogs up MP3 sharing networks, you can find all sorts of indie, IDM, post-rock, electronica and so on. (A search for "Takako Minekawa" returned a lot of hits, and even something obscure like "Fog and Ocean" returned a few.)

One annoyance is that the interface depends on the wxgtk UI libraries, which are hardly part of every Python system. But the code looks modular enough, and hopefully someone will make a command-line-mode plug-in or interfaces for other OSes. (MacOS X Cocoa would be nice.)

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