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Eternally zealous in the moral defence of capitalism, the Ayn Rand Institute denounce opponents of copyright extension as "Marxists". (Note in particular the prohibition against redistributing the article to media at the bottom of the page.) It's not hard to see how Randism ties in with intellectual-property absolutism, and how short a leap it really is from Ayn Rand to absurdities like Galambosianism. (via Reenhead)

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British scientists have developed a camera which can see through things. The camera picks up extremely high-frequency "terahertz waves" emitted by all objects. The project cost £400,000, but the developers believe the costs can be brought down drastically:

"If it were mass-produced, there is no reason why it could not be available for a cost similar to that of a digital camera."

So, thanks to the wonder of modern technology, those "X-ray specs" you may have seen advertised in old comic books may soon be a reality. (via

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An interesting Age article on Icelandic music, talking about Björk, Múm, Thule Records and a number of up-and-coming bands (including Cold, Trabant and The Funerals, who are country and not black metal), and speculating on why Iceland's so cool (apparently it's either the landscapes or the small and isolated nature that makes it one big friendly scene).

(The seems quite clueful; they don't lump that Sony rap-metal band in here either, for one.)

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