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In the wake of the bombing in Bali, the words Al-Qaeda seem to be on everybody's lips. Whereas, in fact, this could be the product of entirely local issues, unrelated to the Middle Eastern situation.

'Several mass graves with more than 5,000 bodies have been discovered. ExxonMobil paid the military to provide security for its operations, and reports allege that the company provided equipment to dig the mass graves and allowed its facilities for torture and other activities.'

Not to belittle the bombing; it was, of course, an unpardonable outrage, and not any form of legitimate political discourse. The backpackers and holidaymakers there didn't volunteer to be sacrificial lambs in someone's game any more than the working stiffs in the World Trade Center did. But the word terrorism could be just as easily applied to ExxonMobil-backed torture and murder in the region.

Terrorism begins at home. If we (as nations) want peace, we should make sure that we're not complicit in acts of terrorism.

Mind you, it's rather unlikely that we'll see ExxonMobil outlawed and its assets frozen under anti-terrorism laws any time soon. But maybe if more people stood up against such things being done in their name (and if you're American or Western, these things are done to an extent in your name), our governments would be more careful about whom they whore themselves to, and ordinary people would cop rather less bad karma for it.

(Philosophical question: how many Acehnese or Afghani lives is one Australian or American life worth? Show reasoning.) (via Luke/Graham)


Daily gig listings for the UK. Hmmm; Ladytron and Fischerspooner are playing in November, though I don't think I'd bother seeing them unless they come down to Melbourne and play Revolver or something. Unfortunately, nothing about Spearmint, and Trembling Blue Stars are touring the US.


Entrepreneurial Communism, or Nu Marxism as a consumer fetish object, with some authentically ugly-looking (though non-sweatshop-made) merchandise for the urban revolutionary. (via Cat and Girl)


Luke just came back from the Morrissey gig, and it sounds like it was a good gig, at least judging by the old songs he played (including There Is A Light That Never Goes Out). And the fact that Luke left the show feeling down suggests that Morrissey has still got it.

As for me, I'm rather looking forward to this Tuesday's show. (Hmmm.. must make space on camera CF card...)

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Local community radio station 3RRR has rejected a sponsorship/advertising deal from the DJ bar opening where the Punters Club used to be, on the grounds that the name "Bimbo Deluxe" is offensive. The owners deny any offense intended, claiming that it is named after an Italian café. Are 3RRR being PC nazis? Or would opening a bar named Bimbo Deluxe feed the rise of a Chapel St.-style "show-us-ya-tits" hoon culture in the formerly countercultural, bohemian Brunswick St?

(I wonder how long 3RRR will stick around there; for one, the culture of the area is now a lot more Nova FM than 3RRR, and secondly, the yuppie apartments being built in the former Universal Theatre next door to the station could put a damper on rooftop live-to-air events. It wouldn't surprise me if, within the decade, they relocate to Northcote/Thornbury or some place.)

Anyway, I'm sure Bimbo Deluxe will find that Nova FM/Fox/MMM will be more than happy to take their money and run promotional campaigns for them. And their clientele probably don't listen to weird community stations like 3RRR anyway.

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October 18 is Media Democracy Day, a day of awareness of and protest against homogeneisation and corporate control of the media, and the media's undermining of democracy by shaping the public awareness. Sounds like a worthy cause; whether it'll achieve anything is another matter.

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Is former US president and recent Nobel laureate Jimmy Carter a war criminal? Apparently his administration signed off on the massacre of pro-democracy protesters in South Korea, then a fiercely anti-communist military dictatorship. Of course, Henry Kissinger is also a Nobel laureate. (via


Massive car bomb blast destroys Bali nightclub, killing at least 187 westerners, including at least 8 Australians. Islamic separatists are believed to be to blame; given that Bali is mostly visited by Australians, it could have been an attack on Australia.

(Expect the Hun to highlight the human tragedy of the footballers who died there, and hammer the point home that this is a vindication of the Bush/Howard Doctrine and another reason why we must take down Saddam.)

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