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Right; I'm off then. Blogging will probably be somewhat sparse over the next few weeks. Cheerio.


Another reason to invade Iraq? A distributed denial-of-service attack disabled 9 of the 13 root servers running the Internet domain name system. (The article, cluelessly enough, refers to them as "Web servers".) Fortunately, the attack lasted only an hour and didn't cause major disruption.

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A BBC article on the much-hyped New Saviours of Rock; i.e., the Strokes/White Stripes/Vines (oh, and the Datsuns too, Jen).

Form your own "new rock" band You will need:
  • To be thin
  • To be male
  • To be white
  • To have dark hair
  • To have a band name starting with "The..."
  • To wear tight T-shirts or leather jackets
  • To know a maximum of three guitar chords

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