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The good news is: I've managed to get the laptop I'm using to read my CompactFlash cards. (For some reason, only the second PCMCIA slot works.)

The bad news is: my camera appears to be broken. I.e., the mode switch (the one that goes between camera, off and playback modes) seems to be stuck permanently in camera mode; rotating it has no effect. Anyone know of a good, quick and reasonably priced camera repair place in London?

personal 2

Well, I went to that "indie showcase" thing last night, and it was pants. I arrived after 10pm, finding a somewhat dingy pub. In the middle of the floor (the pub had no actual stage, you see), a group of musicians were playing a Dire Straits cover. It didn't get any better; the band, it seemed, was an ordinary covers band. The patrons didn't seem to be paying much attention, being pretty much regulars who apparently didn't come here for the music. I left shortly after the start of the third song ("Still Got The Blues For You"), immediately after draining my pint of Guinness, and caught a chain of buses back.

(Btw, English pub Guinness tastes rather like the Australian stuff, or perhaps more like the stuff you get in cans in Australia. Don't know yet what the Irish Guinness tastes like.)