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Hey penguinheads; remember Berlin, the superdoovy new windowing/rendering system that was going to replace X and usher in a new era of peace, prosperity and seamless translucent, rotated windows? Well, the project didn't die; it's now named Fresco and Milestone 1 came out a few days ago. And here are some screenshots. Nice to know that they've gotten beyond the "look, translucent rectangles!" stage. Still looks a bit rough, but the technology looks promising. I'll probably play with it at some stage. (via slashdot)

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An outfit named b3ta interviews the woman who did the voiceovers on the London Underground, asking her all sorts of silly questions. (via Luke)

(Speaking of automated voiceovers at railway stations, does anybody remember the icy English dominatrix voice that used to be on the PA at Flinders St. station in the late 1980s/early 1990s or so? You know, the one with the cut-glass accent and intensely imperious delivery? ("Stand clear please... Stand CLEAR.") I presume it was decommissioned sometime during the Keating era, when anything redolent of colonial ties became deeply unfashionable.)

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And here are a few of the better or more interesting photos I took during my recent trip to the UK. These are just from the first part of the trip, mostly around London. (Click on the thumbnail excerpt to see the full image.)

Seen in a toy shop at Singapore's Changi airport; a rather appropriate name for a toy SUV, don't you think?

Graffito found on a street sign near Notting Hill. A laudable sentiment, wouldn't you say?

It's the signage on a shop on Carnaby St., though it sounds like an indie-pop concept album idea to me.

A model omnibus at the London Transport Museum. Pay particular attention to the advertising banner.

A few scenes from a pub in West Ealing on a Sunday afternoon:

Those quaintly Orwellian posters that are all over bus shelters and the Tube. It's funny how some terrorist bombs and the ravings of a few apocalyptic bampots can make the watchful gaze of Big Brother so much more comforting as an idea.
Secure under their Watchful Eyes

A rather good sunset over the Thames and Houses of Parliament:

(All photos are (c) me. If you want to use any of them, email me.)

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