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Excerpts from a porn spam recently intercepted by my spam filter, allegedly from someone named "Doroty":

Subject: [ Greetings sugar Acb, I am Doroty, sexy sweetheart ]
Anyway I am online all the time come see me and we can chat.... I have a drip running down my leg already thinking about you.

A drip? Like a medical drip? I wonder if they're connected with those "Mortal Dance in Machine Ambulance" ambulance-fetish porn spammers out of Russia.

Best regards,
bad beloved.
This is not an UCE! This is a friendly bonus from Doroty.
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I suspect that the Ukrainian Mafia's porn spam operations need to work on their English a bit more.

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Via Lukelog, a gallery of amusing Photoshopped images of gadgets you're not likely to find in the shops. Though I can see a niche market for the nightlights on page 4. And here's a gallery of recalled food products; it's about 80% tastelessness and 20% inspiration.

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The principle of preemptive self-defense gains more followers: North Korea assert its right to launch a preemptive nuclear strike on the US rather than waiting for the US to invade them after they've conquered Iraq:

"The United States says that after Iraq, we are next", said the deputy director Ri Pyong-gap, "but we have our own countermeasures. Pre-emptive attacks are not the exclusive right of the US."

Perhaps the sissified, effeminate world of multilateralism and negotiation wasn't so useless after all? Oh well, too late now.

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A UK-based expatriate American's view on the psychological differences between Britons and Americans. Somewhat interesting, in a slightly fluffy sort of way. (via bOING bOING)

Brits have a much more philosophical attitude in general. They think that they have a much more developed sense of irony than the Americans do. They mean that Americans are terribly earnest and terribly straightforward and gung-ho. It's like having a very big dog in the house that keeps panting, "Like me! Like me! Like me!"
I used to say to my husband, "How could they build an entire country with no closet space?" But they did. They forgot that we needed it. For most of the States that's not true. They have space. They have items.
A British guy I knew went out on a date with an American girl and she told him every terrible thing that ever happened to her and all of her issues and hang-ups. And he said to her, "Can't we just flirt? And talk about the weather? Why do I need to know all this?"

(Apparently, according to her, Oprah Winfrey is a fundamental aspect of how Americans think, and in particular their fixation with self-improvement and perfectibility.)

(Salon Premium; mind you, today's DayPass (from the WELL) has no Flash ad to load/click through.)

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