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Concerned over the downturn in CD sales, the 5 major record companies consider amalgamating even further, going by the theory that bigger dinosaurs have a better chance of surviving. Which is ironic, given that one reason cited for the decline in CD sales is the increased homogeneity of mainstream recorded music, itself a result of the wave of amalgamations of the 1990s and the fact that most record labels are controlled by risk-averse bean-counter types. (via TechDirt)


Veteran BBC war correspondent Kate Adie (you know, as in "war, famine, pestilence, Kate Adie") claims that the US military has threatened to shoot to kill unlicensed journalists in the upcoming Iraq war. Satellite uplinks will be targeted under the policy, and anyone not under Pentagon control is fair game. Meanwhile, the Pentagon are vetting the political views of journalists it gives licenses to and plan to maintain control of their satellite uplinks. Which makes you wonder what they're trying to hide. (via FmH)


Life imitates Chuck Palahniuk (and not for the first time): "Choking Man" committed to mental institution after staging choking incidents across Florida to solicit the aid of bystanders (all women), then using the opportunity to get their phone numbers. One woman suffered an anxiety attack, losing her job as a result. (via die puny humans)

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I got my digital camera back from the repair place today. The good news: it cost a lot less to fix than I had anticipated, because they just needed to replace a small plastic dial which had broken (total cost of parts: AUP12.50). The bad news: it took them several months to find this out. (No thanks to the repairman on Tottenham Court Road who, last October, told me that the power supply board needed replacing (total cost of parts: £150).)