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In what could be another poke in the eye for the Washington Consensus, the Belgian parliament has voted to legalise the personal use of cannabis; sale within Belgium will still be illegal (though importation from the Netherlands probably won't be that difficult).

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Reports of the anti-war movement's collapse have been greatly exaggerated, it seems. As the Iraqi war goes from cock-up to cock-up, the anti-war movement (which looked, for a moment, like being abandoned by the non-lunatic-fringe demo graphic) is going from strength to strength, with protests worldwide, from mass rallies in Indonesia to art exhibitions and nude protests in Latin America, to China's tiny, officially sanctioned contribution:

Around 200 foreigners were permitted to shout anti-war slogans as they marched past the US embassy in Beijing on Sunday. But police ordered around 100 Chinese students to surrender their banners and blocked them from entering a park where local people had secured permission to demonstrate. One Chinese man was hauled off for handing out anti-war leaflets, reported Reuters news agency.

It'll be interesting to see North Korea's contribution to the anti-war protests, if only for the impeccable choreography.


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